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Financial faux pas, poor credit, living paycheck to paycheck; I've done it all and can write a book about it (coming soon!). 


My point is, I've been where you are and experienced many of the same financial pitfalls YOU are facing and I have now made it my life's mission to help and teach others how to dig themselves out and end up on top again. 

After gaining years of experience in the tax business working for others, I was motivated to establish my own firm based on offering:

  • affordable tax prep

  • exemplary customer service

  • holistic year-round financial education. 


So, Spark Financial Services was established in Dallas, Texas in January 2009.  Tax prep is our signature service and we go through extensive year-round training and use the latest technology to make sure your taxes are prepared accurately and efficiently.


But we also care about your overall financial well-being and offer budgeting and money management services YEAR ROUND! 



Monique Bowens

Numbers Guru

I have 15+ years of experience in the tax industry where I am an authorized E-File Provider and an IRS Annual Filing Season Program Participant.

I have a Bachelor of Business Administration, Finance & Accounting and a Master of Business Administration, Management 



Get Ready For Financial Freedom

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Tel: 214.830.1944 (Text Preferred)

Serving all locations and communities in the USA

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